The Mysterious German Shepherd Wolf Mix – Characteristics, Temperament, Risks

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a special breed of traditional German Shepherds and wolves. They are also called "wolfdogs" or "hybrids". Technically speaking is the term "hybrid" incorrect, while dogs and wolves are of the same species. The German Shepherd Wolf Mix can not be considered as purebred.

In this article you are going to learn about the breed, the temperament, behavior and training of the German Shepherd Wolf Mix, so please read on:


German Shepherd Wolf Mix

German Shepherd Wolf Mix explained

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Breeds

German Shepherd Wolf Mix are breeds of dogs where the breed originated by breeding German Shepherds with wolves. The two main types of wolfdogs are:

The Saarloos Wulfhund

The Saarloos Wulfhund: this is a combination of a domestic German Shepherd with a Timber Wolf. This stems from an experiment conducted in 1935 by Leendert Saarloos.

Saarloos Wulfhund

Saarloos Wulfhund

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog: this a combination of a domestic German Shepherd with the Carpathian Wolf. This stems from an experiment conducted in 1955 in Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Wolf lookalike dogs

Apart from these two types of German Shepherd Wolf Mixes, there are also a few "wolf lookalike" dogs such as the Tamaskan, the Northern Inuit or the Utonagan. They are lookalikes because they are bred with domestic dog breeds such as the German Shepherd, The Malamute or the Husky to create the look of a wolf mix, but they are never bred in combination with wolves. So these lookalike wolfdogs have no wolf content.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix 2

Temperament of the German Shepherd Wolf Mix

German Shepherd Wolf Mix characteristics

According to experts dogs and wolves share more than 99 percent of their DNA. But does that mean dogs have the same temperament as wolves? No, as we all know, that's not the case. A wolf must be selfsufficient, because it lives in the wild. But dogs don't.

In general you can say that the German Shepherd Wolf Mix has the following behaviors (to one degree or another):

  • They like den-building and digging. Which may result in destroyoing your lawn and or furniture.
  • They are very curious. Because of their nature wolves are constantly exploring their environment.
  • They have a drive to roam because they are hard-wired to guard their turf against other packs. And of course against intruders of other species. Wolves mark their territory with urine more frequently than dogs do.
  • They have a strong predatory instinct. This is because wolves look at other animals (except their ownspecies) as dinner. That's why wolfdogs often make short work of cats, small dogs or even bigger animals. In some cases this might also be directed to human beings. But most of the time are wolfdogs avoiding human beings while almost all wild animals do the same.

In general it is hard to say what the temperament will be in any given German Shepherd Wolf Mix. This has also much to do with the ancestry of the dog. If you really want to be sure of the temperament of a wolfdog pup, you have to research all the breeds that were used in the cross.

By the way: the real temperament of a German Shepherd Wolf Mix pup will only be obvious when the pup is like 18 months old. Aѕ the роѕt аdоlеѕсеnt ѕtаgе аррrоасhеѕ, thе hormonal ѕуѕtеm begins tо change wіth thе оnѕеt of maturity. That's the time when the behaviors will become more apparent.

And then with proper training and socialization your German Shepherd Wolf Mix can be domesticated and adapted to any lifestyle alongside human beings. Of course every wolfdog will react differently towards humans and training. Some wolfdogs will take on more of the characteristics of their domestic ancestors. While others will be more prone to wolflike characteristics. That's why good research has to be done before you by a German Shepherd Wolf Mix puppy.

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix and your kids

As you might have learned so far from this article, the German Shepherd Wolf Mix has a strong wolf temperament in it. This is why it is strongly advised to never let your wolfdog alone with your kids. Unfortunately their are enough examples already of child deaths caused by wolfdogs. Many of these were due to the fact that the child was left alone with the wolfdog

You really can't blame the wolfdog, because due to his ancestry he is used to defending himself to human beings. So when the dog is pushed far enough, it will use it's teeth as a means of self protection. It is always the responsibility of the adult to protect their children by leaving them never unattended with their German Shepherd Wolf Mix.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix 3

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Training

Is it possible to train the German Shepherd Wolf Mix?

Proper training and socialization of the German Shepherd Wolf Mix is very important as you have read before. The question however is: is it possible and in what way to train wolfdogs?

One of the most important factors in training your wolfdog is consistency: Sit really means sit! This means that training your wolfdog actually begins with training yourself in being consistent. As soons as you have given your dog a command, you need to persist and persist and persist till he follows the command. Never give up! Because as soon as you give up, you loose! So if you'd like to train your mind in persistency, your German Shepherd Wolf Mix is your best friend!

Wolfdogs can certainly be trained, but training is often very hard, while the wolf instinct of your German Shepherd Wolf Mix kicks in. For example when they get tired of the "game" they might stop listening and try to attempt to reassert dominance as they would in the wild with other animals. Therefore you as the owner of the wolfdog should be aware of the psychology of pack hierarchy. You should maintain the leader position at all times! This means persistency and consistency from your side. Because otherwise your dog will test you.

Conclusion about the German Shepherd Wolf Mix

So yes the German Shepherd Wolf Mix are wonderful looking dogs who can be very loyal to the right owner. But there is also a risk that which comes with the dog of which you have to be aware of. That's why it is advised to invest in proper training and socialization of your dog.